Friday, January 06, 2006

Secret Evil Of 911

The little Conspiracy Theorist in me is very excited about this little feature. It addresses the truly baffling series of events on that fateful day. (And btw, it's almost 20 minutes long, but the good stuff's in the first 8-10, then it gets rather heavy handed.)

Does anyone remember WTC Building 7? It fell too that day. But there's some speculation to suggest that they pulled it down intentionally. I mean, shit Dan Rather states that very fact on live coverage. It was later denied, blaming the fires in the building. The scrariest part is that the towers fell in much the same way - there's even video showing the mini explosions immediately BEFORE the collapse. WTC? WTF!!

I have often pondered the way the buildings fell. It never figured for me. That day was such a blur in our collective memories - it seems the sheer horror of it has masked the simple truths about the way things occurred. When I cautiously peruse the facts of that sunny day in September 2001, (unlike the 9.11 commission), I'm always left with a profund sense of deep betrayal beyond the spin of it all.


Anonymous said...

Here's a good read.

Unknown said...

Are you really that stupid? Just look at the video of the World Trade Center collapse and it's quite obvious that the building fell where the plane hit.

As a New Yorker, I know that they also speculated that 1 Liberty Plaza was going to fall. That was because the building it was leaning. Turns out it really wasn't leaning. They were just measuring it against 7 World Trade. Since THAT building was leaning (when they didn't know it was), they mistakenly assumed 1 Liberty Plaza would fall.

There's no conspiracy. Some Islamic nuts hijacked four planes and flew them into buildings. The passengers of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon and D.C. even used cell phones to report that very fact (Islamic terrorists had hijacked thier planes).

Are you actually saying that they really weren't Islamic terrorists, but were secret undercover CIA agents. CIA Agents who were willing to become suicide bombers????

Sorry - that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

calbano said...


It seems you've pissed off your reader, nichplayer. We'll being a big fat liberal conspiracy theorist ... this one will push the anti-conspiracy folks over the edge:



anticrombie said...

Wow, I got a rise outta downtownlad. (Calbano - Nicheplayer was not the commenter you are referring to. - He's a gent and a scholar.)

As far as downtownlad is concerned: yes I am that stupid. Check out the link calbano submitted! Much slicker! Also see nicheplayer's link for a good, balanced view:'s

Fair and balanced, yeah - like the O'reilly factor!

Oh btw never said anything about CIA agents... However, sice outsourcing is so popular nowadays - who sez we didn't "farm it out"?

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know about a gent and a scholar, but....

I do find it odd that anyone would question the origin of the jets of debris being expelled from the side of the WTC when the building started to collapse. Common sense tells us that this is merely escaped air leaving the building the only way it can, probably down a hallway and then out the window.

A shaped demolition charge (and if the US is behind this, as some surmise, they would almost certainly use the very best explosives) wouldn't get you a plume of debris like that. Nope. The charges used to cut those steel beams would be very (very) focused and relatively small.

And I'm WAY far away from being sold on the missile-under-the-jet assertions. The multiple explosions theory is also a bit difficult to rely upon, given the events of that day. Ask any cop you know about the general reliability of eyewitness accounts.

anticrombie said...

I heeerd that. Actually, I do not condone any of this crap, but merely present it as an alternative. Alternative to what? To the official line, I guess. The presumed truth. 911 is becoming more and more like the Kennedy assassination. and I never bought that one either. But the fact still remains, it was a guy with 3 names in the book depository. or was it...?

Unknown said...

No - it's nothing like the Kennedy assassination.

I was in New York that day. I, along with millions of New Yorkers knew that 7 World Trade Center was going to fall before it did. It was all over the news. They cleared the area and nobody got hurt.

7 World Trade ended up collapsing because it was damaged by the collapse of the Twin Towers. Think about it. The two tallest buildings in the world collapsed, and neighboring buildings got destroyed too. Wow - shocker....

But instead of believing in common sense, you make up a story about the 7 World Trade being secretly destroyed.

Why? What's the point? Nobody got hurt by 7 World Trade. Nobody got scared. Nobody gave a shit. They cared about 1 and 2 World Trade (the towers). But 7 World Trade?????

Again - give me a freaking break.

anticrombie said...

I have not made up any story. I simply posted a what I believe to be an interesting and thought provoking video that might get some to think out of the box. It is not my work nor my theory. If you sit back and lighten up a little you might find some glaring holes in the stories that have been presented as fact.

Besides, i thought you quit blogging? Leave me alone ferchrissake!

Anonymous said...

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