Thursday, January 12, 2006

1967 Ford Thunderbird For Sale-SOLD!

So here's the deal: I have been trying to sell my 1967 ford thunderbird with suicide doors for over a year now. I have had some bites and even a chew, but no one is swallowing. (no comments please). Since Blogspot gets listed in Google, I thought the exposure here might just reach a MUCH LARGER audience, based on a simple google search.

Click the headline title to go to Flickr and see detailed pictures. Contact me at THIS address to get a full description. The current asking price is $4995.00 USD. The car is in fine condition and is fully inspected. It has a clear title. She's ready to go!

Note: Hows THIS for weird? While googling tbirds I came across the Apollo made as a promo in 1967 for ABERCROMBIE & FITCH!! Oi ! The Irony!