Monday, January 30, 2006


We all enjoy discovering music. Sometimes local bands that rock hard or, for me, maybe a righteous house tune that I heard in a small club in, say - Key West or some shit. Well, as I AGE (WATCH IT!), I find the most satisfiyingly sweet discoveries often come from going BACK in time and RE-discovering lesser-known, obscure collaborations that were the pre-cursors to what we call "classics" today. One of those recent discoveries for me is FACES. They were a pretty hot English import from the EARLY 70's and featured several big names you would all know. They've been called the first HAIR BAND, but thats BOOOO-SHIT. They've also been noted as paving the way for PUNK for their hard-partyin' ways, which I can see. Now, I'm not tryin' to be all pretentious here and suggest that you dont know who they are. Any good rock-o-phile should know the name anyway. But have ya listened to their albums ??? If not, you can get the box set, ("Five Guys Walk into a Bar..."), and resdicover them in a most fabulous way, like I did.

I have been a huge fan of old Rod Stewart ever since my friend RED turned me on to his stuff (pre-HOT LEGS.) I dig it so much, I mean, shit! I want 'Ev'ry Picture Tells a Story' to be played at my funeral. (note to self: add playlist to will) Faces pre-dates even that song, but not by much. Stewart left for his solo career directly from this group. In fact, Maggie-May was recorded by FACES under Rod's solo name. And Rod wasn't the only famous face from FACES - can you name the other super star from the pic above? Its not a great shot so check this one;

Dude was HOT! So check em out - the title of this post will bring you to their official website. If you're in the mood for some straight-out hard-ass rock-and-roll check out FACES. They do not disappoint!


Anonymous said...

That would be Ron Wood, which I knew even before the pic loaded. :)

I am a rock goddess, doncha know.

anticrombie said...

Awww LB, you're soooo good! Hey btw, why don't allow non-live-journalers to comment on your blogggg? kinda elitest, no? LOLz!

Anonymous said...

"Every Picture..." is a great album. Whenever I tell my wife that Rod Stewart is one of my favorite artists, she always recoils in horror. She's thinking, of course, of the "Downtown Train" Stewart, while I'm thinking of the "That's All Right" Rod Stewart. The band he put together for that album was awesome, as was Rod. He coulda been bigger than the Stones, man.

Anonymous said...

Hey btw, why don't allow non-live-journalers to comment on your blogggg? kinda elitest, no? LOLz!

Oops! Well, you could just get your own LJ just to comment! But I will change that, just for you. Smooches!

Anonymous said...

Aah, yes, The Faces, formerly The Small Faces, who had, before Rod and Ron joined (from the Jeff Beck Group) the inimitable Ronnie Lane and Steve Marriott (pre-Humble Pie) and of course drummer Kenny Jones (long before he replaced Keith Moon in The Who.

I highly recommend "Itchycoo Park."

Sir Foxbat, Professor of the College of Rock and Roll Knowledge.

anticrombie said...

Sir foxbat - whats up dewd?