Friday, January 13, 2006

2007 Ford Shelby GT 500 - First Look - Motor Trend

Hold me, for my future car has been found. Will I ever obtain it? Will I ever have a job again? Can I get it in Blue? Detroit has been on a retro kick for awhile now thanks to the success I believe of Chryslers' skinned-over Neon called the PT Cruiser. A real shit can car but it opened up a flood of really cool retro styling in the car industry. It was like VH1 Classic for Cars. Then Ford flopped with the Tbird redux (sad really.) And now the new stang has been selling out (designed by a Vietnamese with fond memories of the Ho Chi Minh City airlift - how cool is that?)
And 450+ HP. (I just peed a little.)

My First car was a 1968 Mustang coupe with 200 CID 6 cyl. Sweet as pie until it rotted to dust, (after my friend RON broke the frame going over the Tobin bridge.) Poor little, sweet little, adorable little pony. P.s. I still have the trunk lid (?) Maybe a coffee table some day? It could happen! This one is pretty close to what she looked like:

For as long as I can remember I have lusted after the 1969 Shelby gt500 convertible. Well, look:

How sweet is that? So when will Ford decide to release this:

Not too shabby! But its not in production. And where's the roll-bar? Gotta have the roll-bar. If you look side by side to the 2006 models - you'll note that the headlamps and grill are markedly different, appearing much more slanty and sorta sinister.

Not to be outdone, Chrysler and Chevy released these 2 beauties this week:

The Dodge Challenger (HOT!)

The Chrevrolet Camaro (vette platform re-work?):

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