Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cool Stuff I Do...Greg Johnson at WBOS


Sometimes, more often than not, I get to be in on some pretty sweet events thanks often to good friends with connections... Earlier this month I was invited to attend a live studio show at WBOS studios in Boston. Greg Johnson was the featured performer who's been getting some heavy rotation on BOS. His new single: "Save Yourself" is in the current local top 10. Thanks to my famous photog friend "B", we were right in there when he performed live on the air. He and his bandmates were very cool, load back New Zealanders (with the exception of one from Brookline Mass!) I have to say that their live "unplugged" performance was really inspired. Kinda coffeehouse meets jazz club. I commented to Greg when I shook his hand for a quick "thank you" that his sound defies categorization. He liked that and replied "that's a good thing!" After haveing seen them perform live I've since heard them on BOS and the difference was marked. They sound scrubbed down and studioized on their single. Not a bad thing as far as record sales go, the pop sound is just that due to studio tinkering. But I think their magic lays somewhere between their live performance and their studio sound. Either way: NICE. Thanks to Berta A Daniels for these COPYWRITTEN PHOTOS!

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