Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thank Christ!! - Judge rules against teaching of 'intelligent design'

I know it'd be a lot more convenient to send your kid to one school instead of public school AND religion school. But, ahem. this is the United States of America and we separate church and state. Get it? Thats really the way its 'sposed to work, y'know. Where are you people from anyway?

"Intelligent design is carefully packaged to avoid any references to Genesis 1 and the biblical account of creationism, but it shares many similarities apart from that," Stephen J. Harvey, the lawyer representing the parents who sued the Dover school board, told CTV's Canada AM.

"It's essentially creationism with the words God, Bible and Genesis 1 left out. It draws upon the doctrine of special creation, the idea that life and living things were created abruptly out of clay."

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