Thursday, December 22, 2005

In Case you missed this abomination (Click Me)

I have to keep myself calm when diving into this subject. It encompasses a myriad of shit that exemplifies WHY I am so opposed to the teachings of the catholic church and WHY I [dislike very strongly] republicans. One of the things I was completely repulsed by was one Sunday back in September (?), when AB O'malley sent a letter to all the parishioners of the Boston archdiocese instructing and urging them to deliberately block and deny the civil rights of they're families, friends and neighbors by voting and petitioning against same sex marriage in Mass. What a great institution. So proud of my heritage.

Now, have you heard about THIS? Truly unbelievable! Right here in good old left wing Massachusetts. I signed this wine petition at the S&S in Dedham. I CANNOT remember if the petitioner pulled the switch on me by fraudulently obtaining my signature on a second sheet. The globe article suggests a way to know: here. The database is slow and I have still not gotten it working. I suspect today's Boston Globe article has brought their server down. Did you sign any petitions in the last six months? You should to check to see if your name is listed and if you were illegally mislead, you can print an affadavit and fax it in to be removed.


calbano said...

You can also go to: to see if you are on the list and/or petition to take your name off.

Q: Why can't I get married?
A: Because you ugly!

anticrombie said...

The link works and I ain't in there, but believe me if RECOGNIZE anyone, watch out.

As to your Q&A: Dude, have you seen who IS getting married? I think we qualify! (That comment excludes the 5 georgeous couples whose weddings I attended last year!!)