Monday, December 26, 2005

CBS News | Shoppers Hit Malls for Post-Holiday Sales - WGAFF!!!

This is a news item on every major wire feed and network news cast right now. Along with predictions and forecasts on how well or how badly the chains and huge retailers are doing with their bottom lines. At the risk of sounding grinch-like and a bit anti-establishment, but "WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK???" What does anyone (besides target and its shareholders) give one reindeer shit how well Target is doing for its bottom line? It seems like they report it in the news (usually the top story) so as to get the sympathy purchases out of American consumers, (and if you're not a consumer in the US, what the fuck are you anyway?) Creating a need to shop out of guilt to help out the poor little cute retailer's revenue stream. A guilt-trip with shopping! WTF? Fucking astonishing to me.

CBS News | Shoppers Hit Malls for Post-Holiday Sales

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