Friday, December 16, 2005

Salutations People of Earth

So, this is it. One big problem with starting my first blog: I hate to type.
But it has become abundantly apparent that I need a space to record my life, thoughts and ideas for all to critique, demonize, and even steal. But what the fuck? Oh and by the way, I intend to use as much profuckinfanity as possible.



calbano said...

Have you ever played: Who would you marry, who would you sleep wiht, who would you kill? I as given Johnny Dammon, Drew Dledsoe, and Lance Armstrong. I married Drew (because I know people who grew up with him and sounds like he's a stand up guy), I slept with Lance (he called me a bitch but it was good), and I killed Johnny! Ever since he hit his head that boy just ain't been right!

anticrombie said...

OMG! calbano, you slaaaaaaaaaaay me!