Thursday, April 20, 2006


  • No less than 6 Generals are calling for Rumsfelds resignation, but they're "retired" so it means nothing. And this is fucking priceless...

Gas is pushing 3 bucks and is likely to reach $4.00 by the summer; it's part of their business plan - wrapped in the ol' supply-and-demand lie. GET THIS: OIL COMPANIES RAISE PRICES EVERY FUCKING YEAR BEFORE MEMORIAL DAY TO GOUGE THE SUMMER AUTO VACATION SURGE, THEN THEY RAISE IT AGAIN DIRECTLY BEFORE THE FIRST FROST IN THE NORTHERN CLIMES TO GOUGE THE POOR AND ELDERLY FOR THE WINTER. This has been the business plan for many years. Check it.

  • The catholic church is denying a request by a girl in Massachusetts who wants to make her first communion by eating a non-wheat eucharist wafer. Any improvement on that cardboard shit they use now would be a "blessing". Just another in a long line of the Vatican's repressive and downright fucking fascist positions: E. G. > The catholics are the biggest supporters of the anti-gay marriage ammendment in Massachusetts (knowthyneighbor). The catholics condoned and harbored child molestors for millenia. The catholics have repressed, overthrown, and commited spiritual genocide on countless millions of peoples all over the planet under the guise of "missionary work".

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